G.L.A.D Parents

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GLAD Parents (Gloucester Littles with Awesome Differences)
We are a parent support group run for families in the Gloucestershire area who have children with additional needs diagnosed or suspected.
Our focus is to connect with other families in the local community and create friendships for the children who may find it difficult otherwise.
As parents we already understand the rollercoaster of emotions that you go through when parenting a special needs child. We aim to offer friendly support advice and a warm cuppa coffee or a large glass of wine on those tough days.

Want to get advice on how to get help?
Need a break just to catch your breath?
You are not alone, Nor is your child.
They say it takes a village to raise a child…so with ours its gonna take a city.

Contact info

  • 07930955228
  • Gladparentinfo@gmail.com
  • Kiara Palmer or Dean Palmer

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