Meet the Team

About Jennie

Hi! I’m Jennie and I’m one of the Development Officers for You’re Welcome. I have a physical impairment and am a keen hand cyclist, getting out on my handbike around Cheltenham regularly. I have also been an active rock climber for the past 7 years. Other sports have included skiing, surfing and most recently rowing. My desire to take part in all things physically active started at a young age, when playing rounders on my trike and hockey with my crutches!

In recent years I have also been involved in social groups including my local speakers’ club where I have taken various committee roles.  I am also an Inclusion trainer for Active Impact and in a previous role helped to develop and run Glos Assistants, a website helping disabled people and families find Personal Assistants.

I’m very excited about what You’re Welcome has to offer people in Gloucestershire. I’m passionate about making sure disabled people have plenty of opportunities to get involved in the things they like to do with the people they want to do it with.  In my role as Development Officer I will be helping more groups and activity providers promote their inclusive opportunities on our website and helping more people find out about things they can do in the county that meet any access requirements they might have.

About Megan

My name is Megan and I’ve lived in Cheltenham since coming to university here in 2011.

I live with my guide dog, two guinea pigs, and a boyfriend who insists on no more animals in our house! My degrees are in Creative Writing and I love reading, craft, chocolate, being social and working on myself.

Although I have a wide range of interests, it has taken me a long time to find out about things that are going on in Gloucestershire. Working on this website is great because I find out about lots of new activities. I think it will be really helpful for all sorts of people, whether they are students starting university or people who have been around a bit longer!

When I’m not working on the site, I can be found getting muddy in the park with my dog or riding on the back of a tandem.

About Nicole

Hi I’m Nicole and I manage the You’re Welcome Team. I am a Parent Carer with two daughters aged 11 and 16. I’m married and live with my husband and our children, Minnie the dog and a small menagerie of rabbits and guinea pigs in Cheltenham. We all have really different interests and I can often spend a lot of time online looking for fun things for some or all of us to do.

I love to dance and take part in contemporary and lyrical classes locally. Occasionally I am even persuaded to perform in the school dance show. I really enjoy going out to see friends or taking part in fun group activities, anything from a pub quiz to a nature walk. When I want time to myself I enjoy reading, jigsaws and crochet.

I’m so pleased to be a part of this newly expanded and redeveloped You’re Welcome community. I think finding new things to do and meeting new friends along the way is one of the best parts of living in Gloucestershire because people are so friendly and there is so much choice out there for everyone.