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Buying Gifts the You’re Welcome Way

Although it’s nice to give our loved ones gifts, it’s far from easy. People I know well are usually the ones I buy for first because I have the perfect present in mind. And then there are those people who say ‘I don’t know’ when asked what they’d like for a birthday or Christmas present. Whether you’re wondering what to put on your Christmas / birthday list or agonising over what to get your friends, this is You’re Welcome’s answer.

What to get the person who’s got everything? How about adopting an animal – the pet-free way to own an animal by sponsoring one online? Otherwise, you could donate to a charity of their choice, or buy / create an experience for them. I have seen this done creatively; last year my friend gave me a homemade voucher for ‘a walk together, followed by one of my cream teas.’

Sometimes it’s just good to have your gift ideas in one place. If you like to take an organised approach, sit down with the list created below and fill in as much information about the person you are buying for as you like. I’ve kept the table simple so that you can recreate it in whatever format suits you best. There may be details you don’t know and might want to ask the person, or you may find that some things aren’t relevant. From obvious details such as their age and gender to questions about their interests and favourite things, I hope this table will help you generate some gift ideas.



Hobbies and interests:

Things they wear:

Favourite colour:

Favourite food:

Favourite drink:

Favourite clothes / jewellery / perfume:

Favourite author:

Favourite band / singer:

Favourite programmes: 

Favourite films:

Favourite shops / restaurants:

Things they don’t like / things to avoid: 

(Happy present giving!)