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Welcome to You’re Welcome!

You’re Welcome is an inclusive online directory and forum that lists lots of events, clubs, groups and places to visit. You will find plenty of opportunities for things to do across Gloucestershire on our website and, if you have access requirements, you will find the extra information you need to know about which activities and groups you can most easily take part in. Due to the current pandemic, we have turned our attention to online and virtual events, and you will find lots of choice on the site. The list is still growing so if you know about something we haven’t listed, please log on and add it.  


We want to make more people aware of how important it is to be inclusive and welcoming to everyone. In doing so we hope that you will have more choice of things to do, be able to get involved in the things you like doing and make new friends.  


On our website you will also find information on support available to take part in groups and activities and guidance on how to become more inclusive as a group or organisation. Membership is free and includes personalised newsletters and access to our friendly forum where you can chat about what is available and share your experiences.


Are you looking for a one-off activity, day out or regular club to get involved in? Whether you live in Gloucestershire or are looking for something to do when you visit, there are plenty of options on You’re Welcome. All listings for events or things to do include accessibility information, inclusive practice and contact details. Check out the Things to Do section for groups and activities you can go along to regularly and have a look at our Events page to find out what’s coming up in the calendar.


Do you run an event or activity and want to showcase how welcoming you are to a wide range of people? You’re Welcome provides a great platform for you to promote what you do in the Events directory, Things to do section, and on the Forum. Keep it simple – give details of who you are, what you’re doing and when it’s happening. We have created a series of symbols to help you list the different accessibility features you have. You can also tag your event or activity by category, type and location. By listing yourself as a friendly, inclusive opportunity for people in the county to socialise, your gatherings will grow in strength and numbers.


So, sit back and settle in for a good browse. Please keep coming back to the blog as we will be posting about a whole range of activities and other useful information.